Can You Use Haze Fluid In Fog Machine?

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  • Date: May 26, 2023
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A fog or haze machine cannot use haze fluid, and a haze machine can’t use fog fluid. Incorrect fluid use can spoil your machinery, violate manufacturer warranties, or result in a high repair expense. There are health risks if you use fog fluid that is not explicitly designed for your fog machine.

If you have a hazer and fogger and you are wondering if you can interchange the fluids, don’t do it. Read through the article to find out why.

What Is The Difference Between Haze And Fog? 

The difference between fog and haze is that fog is thick and has an obscuring appearance that lasts just a short period, but the haze is thin and has a transparent appearance that lasts longer. In contrast to haze, which is used to improve lighting and ambiance, fog is used to create a particular effect.

How Is Fog Created 

Fog machines produce fog by vaporizing fog fluid, which is to say, by converting the fog fluid from a liquid to an aerosol form. Fog is made up of liquid droplets floating in the air.

This is accomplished by driving the fluid through a heated pipe at high pressure. 

Is Fog the Same as Smoke? 

Smoke is a fog-like phenomenon; however, it is not fog since fog consists of solid particles rather than liquid droplets, which distinguishes it from fog in other ways. 

Furthermore, smoke is often produced by burning, and although fog machines heat the fog fluid to the point of vaporization, they do not burn the fluid. In both live and recorded performances, fog bursts are commonly employed for special effects to enhance the atmosphere.

Everything from making a cigar “smoke” in a little ashtray to obscuring a vast battlefield may be accomplished with fog or smoke.

Fog may also be programmed to stay low to the ground, creating the illusion of “walking on clouds.” In most cases, this is performed by passing the fog through a cold chamber to chill it. 

It is common practice to utilize a fog fluid for making fast-dissipating fog in order to ensure that the fog evaporates before it heats and begins to ascend in the atmosphere.

What Exactly Is Haze and How is it Used?

Haze, like fog, is made up of liquid droplets, but the droplets are very small and are scattered equally over a vast area, resulting in a misty appearance. Haze machines work by driving fluid through a heater, while others work by applying high air pressure to evaporate the fluid they are working with.

The basic function of haze is to increase the visibility of light beams. Due to the reflection of light off the droplets, you will be able to see the light traveling through the air that you would not normally be able to see.

In addition, haze may be employed to create a hazy environment.

What is Fog Fluid Made Of?

Propylene glycol is a common ingredient in fog fluids since it is water-soluble. Glycols like these have been around for a long time, and a lot of research has been done on their impact on health. 

The maximum quantity of glycol that a healthy adult may ingest without injuring themselves is regulated by a standard. However, you should always use the smallest amount of fog possible to get your desired effect.

To chill the fog, fog machines use cryogenic commodities such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which are released into the atmosphere. Care must be taken to avoid harmful quantities of these gases in the air or oxygen deprivation levels.

What Is Haze Fluid Made Of?

Water-soluble glycols or highly refined oils are used to make haze fluids, depending on the application. For haze effects in the environment, the allowed threshold for oil differs from that for glycols, although it is still significantly more than the amount commonly used.

Video games, theatre shows, and concerts all use haze or fog as a common special effect. It is common for newbies to have a general idea of what they want to do, but they lack the knowledge on how to utilize the gadgets that will allow them to accomplish their objectives. 

A simple understanding of haze and fog machines will allow you to significantly improve the quality of your effects.

Are Haze And Fog Effects The Same?

The effects of haze and fog are highly distinct. To get the most dramatic and vivid effect, a haze machine should be left on all the time to build up a thick layer of haze in the room.

Fog acts in a unique way. In most cases, the result is a short, sharp explosion, as the smokestack of a steam engine.

A dense, domineering feeling is created if the effect is left on overtime. It takes more fluid and time to fill a space with fog than it does with haze because fog dissipates more rapidly.

Do Fog and Haze Machines Consume Fluids at the Same Rate?

The amount of fluid used by each machine varies. Haze machines, on average, last about seven hours of heavy use; fog machines, on the other hand, last about five hours.

It’s possible to utilize a hazer for a lengthy period of time, such as throughout a concert or a long video shoot day.

Fog machines consume more fluid than haze machines, but since they aren’t utilized constantly, they’ll often last the same amount of time as haze machines. 

Due to their size, larger machines often require a greater volume of fluid to provide the same output. This is a matter of personal preference and significantly relies on the specifics of the device. 


Even though haze and fog share some similarities, we have seen that does not use fluid in a fog machine and vice versa. 

In order to meet the specific requirements of each machine, the fluid used in fog and haze machines must be specially formulated for that particular model. Precise fluid formulations necessitate a specific temperature range in order to optimize the vaporized output the machine generates. 

Using fluid that has been optimized for a different machine can result in partial vaporization and the formation of wet fog or haze. This is not only harmful to the machine, but it may also be extremely hazardous, as it can leave a slippery wet residue on the ground.

The best thing to do is to purchase a haze machine so you can have the haze effect at your event or party.

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