Fog Machine Repair

How to use Fog Machine Without Remote

Simple Guide to Use Fog Machine without Remote

Using a fog machine without a remote is easy. Most fog machines have a manual control panel on top of the unit. The control panel can either be button-operated or touchscreen. On the panel, you can change the output rate, among other features. If you’re looking for a way to add some ambiance and atmosphere…

How To Clean a Haze Machine

How to Clean a Haze Machine With Pictures

Cleaning a haze machine is similar to a fog machine though you have to do it less often as their fog fluid has fewer ingredients. Simply fill the fog fluid tank with distilled water and let it run. This will pump the distilled water through the hazer’s lines. Then clean the exterior and the nozzle….

How to Unclog a Clogged Fog Heater | Fog Machine Heater Clogged

Unclog your fog machine heater by pouring distilled vinegar and water into an emptied reservoir, then flush. A one-to-one ratio of distilled vinegar and distilled water is ideal for the mixture. To get started, plug the fog machine in and wait for the heating element to warm up. Wait until normal fog flows return before…

How to Clean a Fog Machine

How to Clean a Fog Machine in 5 Easy Steps | Cleaning Fog Machines

To clean your fog machine, you want to use 100% distilled water and run it through the machine. This water has no impurities making it perfect for cleaning the fogger. After cleaning, make sure to run an amount of fog fluid through the machine as this fluid must be kept in the tubing, or it…

Fog Machine Pump Not Working

Fog Machine Pump Not Working: 2 Common Fixes

If your fog machine pump is not operating, it is likely that it is dirty, clogged, or that the pump itself has become worn out from corrosion. You can fix your fog machine with locally available parts and you do not need any technical knowledge. Fog machines can break down easily especially when not properly…

Fog Machine Leaking

Why is my Fog Machine Leaking? | Parts and Repair guide

Your fogger is leaking fog juice from the base mainly due to the poor fit and finish of the fog machines themselves. As a result, several leak spots emerge quickly after the initial use. However, the second inescapable difficulty is that the fog-filled bubbles tend to settle on the machine, resulting in moist spots on…

Fog Machine Spitting Liquid

Why is Your Fog Machine Spitting Liquid? | Repair Tips

If your fog machine is spitting liquid, it might be due to defective or cracked seals. If the fog machine pumps but no fog comes out, inspect the pump seals for fractures or corrosion. A faulty seal might allow air to enter the system, causing the fog juice to spit out. In this article, we…