How to Clean a Haze Machine With Pictures

  • By: Kevin
  • Date: May 26, 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.
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Cleaning a haze machine is similar to a fog machine though you have to do it less often as their fog fluid has fewer ingredients. Simply fill the fog fluid tank with distilled water and let it run. This will pump the distilled water through the hazer’s lines. Then clean the exterior and the nozzle.

Have you been running your haze machine too much? Haze machines do require regular maintenance, just like a fog machines.

If you need a proper cleaning of the machine, you have come to the right place. Let’s break it all down, and I’ll let you know exactly how to clean up this machine.

What is a Haze Machine

Haze machines (called hazers) are used more to amplify lighting, and the fog output is a lot thinner. The fluid is also much safer to breathe than dense fog fluid.

They do also sell fog fluid specifically for hazers. I do recommend using haze fluid in your fluid tank to greatly increase laser light shows.

Most haze fog fluid is non-toxic and odor free and will not cause eye irritation or breathing issues. That is another reason people love hazers over fog machines.

6 Steps for Cleaning Haze Machines

Step 1: Ingredients Needed To Clean

Distilled Water

Before we start, we have to prepare. We will need a quart of distilled water, however; I usually buy a gallon of distilled water and just keep it for when I need it so it can be cleaned regularly.

I don’t use vinegar when cleaning as others do, as I heard it hurts the overall state of the machine. Using distilled water is really a safe bet, but make sure to also check the manufacturer and see what they recommend.

A lot of them like to recommend the fog cleaning solution that they created just to continue making sales. I don’t feel this is needed for a haze machine.

Step 2: Prepare Haze Machine

Unplugged of Machine

Make sure the fluid tank of the fog machine is completely emptied. Before doing this, make sure the power is turned off and then unplug it.

Step 3: Cleaning

Open up the tank

Now it’s time to clean the haze machine. Fill the tank with distilled water j just like you would fill the fluid tank with fog juice.

Close the cap of the fluid tank. Next, plug the equipment back in and turn it on. Now just let the machine run, and it will pump the distilled water through the lines.

This can even help with a partial clog. Continue to let the machine run and flush out the lines.

The water will heat just like usual, though you won’t see any fog in the air coming out of the nozzle this time.

Step 4: Let The Fog Machine Run

Now, wait till the fluid tank is close to empty of cleaning solution.

Step 5: Empty Liquid Out

Now remove any remaining fog machine cleaner, so it is ready to be used again as a fog machine. Leaving the distilled water or a cleaning solution will just cause a decreased output.

If you did use a cleaning solution, make sure to rinse the tank with distilled water.

Step 6: Clean Your Fog Machine Exterior

Now it’s time to clean the rest of your fog machine. To clean the exterior, you can just use a damp washcloth.

If it’s just coming out of storage, you may need to add a little dish soap. Just be careful of the electronic portions of the fogger.

Once the smoke machine is cleaned, let’s check the nozzle. The nozzle constantly is being filled with the mixture that is coming out of the fog machine.

This could build up on a regular basis, so it’s best if you scrap the debris off.

Now you are ready to pour the haze fog fluid into the fog fluid tank and start making fog again! Nice work!

Extra haze machine maintenance tips:

  • Clean off the remote
  • Replace remote battery
  • Check for fog fluid expiration date
  • Ensure warranty and owner’s manual are in a safe place to be stored

Why Do I Need To Clean My Haze Machine?

The main reason to clean a haze fog machine is, so they do not stop working. The cheaper the fog machine, the more frequently you should clean your fog machine.

The lower-cost haze machines don’t have great pumps and heaters, which can cause the machine to get clogged without regular maintenance.

Again, hazers are not needed to be cleaned as much as fog machines. You should notice this becoming an issue if you see a poor fog output over time.

This is a huge red flag that cleaning of the haze fog machine is needed.

Final Thoughts

Haze fog machines are amazing, as you can control the laser light show with just the right amount of fog. Most fog machines produce dense, thick fog, but remember. This is not the case with a hazer.

A hazer will really turn your event into a cool place to be. It will really make you the life of the party! Thanks for reading!

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