Can I Put Perfume In My Diffuser? | Is Diffusing a Fragrance Safe?

  • By: Kevin
  • Date: May 26, 2023
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When using a diffuser and getting lots of nice smells you may wonder if you could add some fragrance that you like to take it to the next level. In this blog post we will answer if this is safe for you and if you should be diffusing perfume.

Here is the quick answer, but we go more in detail, please read our guide below.

In order to use perfume in a diffuser it must be an oil based perfume. If it is an alcohol type base fragrance you will be spreading toxins into the air, which will then be breathed in. This is unsafe. Please keep in mind that using perfume will void your warranty, though cleaning after each use shouldn’t damage your diffuser.

What Is a Diffuser?

A diffuser will take essential oils and break them down to the molecule level and then add them to the air in a mist type spray. When diffusing the air is not heated like fog machines or humidifiers.

Instead the air diffusers work with cold air. The diffusers are filled with water in the base up to the line and then a few drops of oil are added.

We recommend 2-5 drops, the more drops the stronger the scent will be. If you are using a scent for the first time, we recommend to go on the low amount so you don’t overpower the smell.

A very strong smell can cause headaches and this is the opposite that a diffuser is for.

Why Use a Essential Oil Diffuser?

Diffusers are great to make a special room in your house even better. There are smells that help you wake up, help you wind down, and ones for focus.

It’s best to use them at the right time, for example if I’m in a focus state of mine I would want to use the same smell over and over again. Then when I’m ready to work, I use that smell and instantly my brain is ready to go.

The great thing is there an essential oil for all types of modes that you can use with the diffuser. A home scent diffuser also has a timers, that way after a certain amount of time it will turn off and it won’t overpower the scent in that room of the house.

TIP: A essential oil diffuser can be really relaxing and make your home feel even more special. I recommend using it in a room you are in often so you can get the full use of it.

Try different essential oils till you find what you like and works for you. 

There are also humidifiers that can be used as a diffuser as well. These are great as they will help keep your skin looking natural and not dry out when it’s winter time.

The humidifier portion will add water into the air, and this really does help your skin so it doesn’t crack and get all dried out.

Essential oils diffusers are much more safer than a candle or incense. You don’t have to worry about fire in your home.

You simply put your diffuser anywhere in your room that has access to a plug. Plug it in, turn on the timer, and smell the fragrance in the air.

Where To Put A Diffuser?

It’s best to put diffusers in a room that you use a lot. An office, living room, kitchen, or even bedroom are always good ideas in your home.

When first starting off make sure to not over use the diffusers till you get use to the fragrance. If the fragrance becomes to strong, it may turn you away from using diffusers all together. 

Once you have a place picked out, put it on the furniture piece near an electrical outlet as they do require power to run. It’s best if it’s not directly on top of you as the water mist may be felt and the fragrance may be too strong.

I do prefer to use different essential oils in each room in my home. For example, I’ll use a fragrance of Cedarwood, Lavender, or Peppermint for focus in my office.

I’ll use a fragrance of Chamomile, or Sandalwood in the bedroom to help get a great night sleep.

Essential Oil Uses

Where To Put A Diffuser

Let’s talk about a few oils and their possible use case.

Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla essential oil is known to relieve anxiety and depression as a home remedy. Essential oil vanilla comes from a vanilla extract and has been used since the 17th century.

Frankincense Oil

Another stress reducer with Frankincense and mood-enhancer.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is great to help calm you and put you to sleep.

Lemon Oil

Lemon is known as a household cleaner and disinfectant. It can help wake you up as well.

Oregano Oil

Oregano is known for skin healing.

Recommend Essential Oils
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Can I Use Perfumes In My Diffuser?

This is a question that took me a long time to research as some people will say yes and some people will say no. We are going to break it down for you and show you the correct answer depending on the fragrance type you are using.

Please also remember when we are talking about fragrance we are also referring to perfume as they are the same thing.

Perfume VS Essential Oils

Essential oils are created from natural plant type material where perfume can be created in two ways. One way is a fragrance oil base which is created partly by plant and the other part synthetic.

This type of perfume is safe to breathe in a diffuser. There are also alcohol type fragrance and these are not safe to breathe as they can be toxic and the smell would be extremely strong. The ingredients in these are not for diffusers.

If you do decide to use perfume in your diffuser make sure to first start with just 1-2 drops after the water is poured into the basin so it is on the top of the water. If the smell is not strong enough you can add up to a total of 5 drops, anytime it is to strong, use less drops.

Diffuser Warranty When Using Fragrance Oils 

Please keep in mind if you use fragrance oils in your diffuser it will void the warranty. These machines were not made for this type of oils and since they can be premixed with fatty-base the liquid may be stick more to certain areas.

It is recommended to clean your diffuser after using perfumes and regularly and you shouldn’t have issues. If you do not it could wear down the plastic or clog up the machine.

The diffuser you have maybe different than the ones I have worked with, but mainly pull the top off and if the reservoir comes out just run it under hot water in the sink till it’s clean.

When using the essential some people use distilled water as that will keep the machine working longer as it will stay clean. This is only necessary if you don’t plan to clean the diffuser out regularly.

What Happens If You Are Diffusing Perfumes?

When diffusing a fragrance that is oil based nothing changes. It is like using essential oils but instead you are using synthetic fragrance oil that was created in a lab.

However; if the perfume you are diffusing is alcohol base, that is toxic. This can be bad as you are breathing in this toxic fragrance.

I would recommend contacting a doctor or poison control to get more information. 

How To Turn a Fragrance Bottle Into A Home Fragrance Diffuser

TIP: If you have a perfume you really enjoy, that is not alcohol based, you can turn it into a diffuser without buying one.

This is a great little hack I have learned. Here are the steps to do it:

  • We want to determine if your perfume is alcohol or oil based, only use with oil based.
  • Lets remove the top of the perfume bottle
  • To do this it’s best to use a pliers, pull the metal wrap away and pull out the perfume straw.
  • Once it’s out, simply add 2-3 diffuser sticks, make sure they are separated for best scent.
  • Pull out the sticks about once a day and flip them, so the wet end is in the air.
  • Keep doing this till all the perfume is empty and enjoy the smell.

Perfumes & Diffuser FAQs

How Strong Is The Perfume In A Diffuser?

The scent when diffusing perfumes can be stronger than your essential oils depending how many drops you use. Make sure the water is filled up to the line and then add about 2 drops your first time through.

This should be on par with essential oils, which are concentrated oils. You can always add more drops if the scent is not strong enough, but you can’t remove it without spilling out the basin of water which is inside your diffuser and starting again.

How Do I Know If The Perfume Is Oil Or Alcohol Base?

Generally the oil based perfumes are applied with a roll-on or dabbed on your hands. Your alcohol based perfumes are usually more of a spray.

I would also look up the manufacturer and double check on their website before using any as an oil for diffusing.

Why Use Fragrances Instead Of Essential Oils?

There are some people that are extremely sensitive to essential oils. If this is the case, oil based perfume would work perfect for you.

It is not because of the price as the perfume tends to be much more expensive. Most oils are about twenty dollars for a bottle or a set of twelve.

Another reason is because you really enjoy the smell of a certain perfume so much that you want the fragrance all over the room. Your diffuser really does feel like home after using it, so why not use the scent you want most.

Can I Use Cologne In My Diffuser?

Cologne follows the same line as fragrance would. Your diffuser can handle it, but make sure to clean it after each use when using a perfume or cologne as it can break down the plastic faster and be prone to clogging.

Do not use alcohol based cologne as this would be toxic. I would say try essential oils first if you have not, they are not expensive and there is a huge variety of fragrances.

How Long Do Diffusers Last?

Your diffuser can last a long time as long as you clean it out regularly with water. You want to make sure none of the oil is stuck inside the machine.

Most people report that if their diffuser is taken care of, it will continue to work. My diffuser has lasted a long time and the great thing is they are not even that expensive, usually starting around the twenty dollar range.

Final Thoughts

My diffusers have worked amazing with essential oils. I haven’t used any perfume in any of my diffusers, but I can. As you saw my guide above you will now know what is safe and what is not.

Diffusers are very nice as you don’t have to worry about a fire from any fragrance warming oils device, candles, or incense. You just plug it in and set the timer and an amazing essential scent will fill your room.

Keep in mind if you have a larger room you will want the diffuser to be able to cover the whole area with your fragrance. 

The right type of fragrance can work perfect for someone who is not able to handle the smell of an essential oil. Make sure to pick out the right fragrances for your home.

With so many essential oils that range from relaxing you to helping your skin you can’t go wrong.

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