3 Best Low Lying Fog Machines 2023 | Pros and Cons

  • By: Kevin
  • Date: May 26, 2023
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Finding the best low-lying fog machines can be a task. But after some thorough research, we found three top-quality fog machines that will give low-lying fog for hours.

In this review, we’ll go over the pros and cons of each one and give you a rundown of what to expect from these products. If you’re in search of a machine that can produce great results without costing too much money, then you’re going to want to read this article.

How to Choose the Best Low Lying Fog Machines

Before you buy a low-lying fog machine, you’ll need to do your research. There are many factors that will determine which one is right for you and what’s going to give the best results.

To help with this process, we’ve put together an ultimate buying guide list of things that you should consider before purchasing anything:


This is a key factor when it comes to buying a fog machine. The higher the wattage, the more fog you’ll get with each use.

It can also help determine how long your low-lying fog will last before needing extra fluid added or drained out completely, depending on what model you buy.

Device Controls

You want a fog machine with a user-friendly interface. This will help you control the device better, especially when it comes to using low-lying fog for your Halloween party or event.

So look at the controls on the device and remote to make sure they’re easy to use.

Fog Machine Size and Weight.

Before buying a low-lying fog machine, check its dimensions since different models can have varying sizes and weights. You’ll want one that’s not too bulky, so it won’t be difficult to move around when needed.

Noise Level

You don’t want to buy a fog machine that’s too loud. However, each model has its own set volume limits, so be sure to take this into consideration before you make any purchasing decisions.

You’ll also need one with an adjustable setting, or else it could get too noisy for some people at times.


When buying a low-lying fog machine, this is an important factor to consider. You want to get one that’s not too high, or else your guests will have trouble seeing in front of them while walking around outside.

So take into consideration where you’re going to use the fog machine and how tall it will be in that space.

Capacity and Replacement Cost

The bigger the tank, the longer your low-lying fog can last before needing a refill. Fog machines that use oil-based fluid tend to be more expensive than ones that use water-based fluid.

But oil-based fog can last longer since it doesn’t evaporate as quickly when in use.

Warm-up Time

You don’t want a machine that will take forever to heat up before you can use it. So check the warm-up time before purchasing a low-lying fog machine to ensure that it will give off an adequate amount of fog within a reasonable timeframe.


You want to purchase a low-lying fog machine that has good warranty options. This will make it easier if something goes wrong with the device since you’ll have more recourse on your side when getting repairs or replacements done.

Some models come with a lifetime warranty, while others only offer one year of protection, so be sure to look at any warranties that come with a machine before buying it.

Manufacturer’s Reputation and Reliability

Before you buy a low-lying fog machine, check to see what other people have said about the manufacturer. You’ll want one from an experienced company that has been around for decades, so they know how to create quality devices.

If you’re buying from an unknown company, you may want to look for reviews and feedback on the device before purchasing it.


You want a fog machine that will last for years without wearing down easily. So check the materials used to make it and any reviews from people who have purchased this model before.

This can help you determine if the fog machine will hold up over time or not.

Ease of Cleaning

Look for a machine that won’t get clogged or stopped up easily. This will help you get it back into good working order faster when issues like this happen, especially if the fog machine is used often for your Halloween party or event.

Make sure the fog machine won’t ruin your furniture.

Coverage Area

Where are you going to be using your low-lying fog machine? This will help you determine how much power it should have since different wattages can provide varying amounts of coverage.

If you’re using the device in a smaller space, then go with one that has an 85 or 100W engine for maximum output.

If you are looking for the best low-lying fog ever that is accomplished not with low-lying fog machines but with dry ice machines. They are harder to maintain and prepare but the fog will stay low and wrap around having that amazing look.

Tank Capacity

This is another important factor to consider since you’ll want a fog machine with a tank that’s large enough for your convenience and usability. If the tank is too small, then it could run out of fluid during use, so opt for one with at least 100 ounces or more if possible.

Fog Fluid Needed

Which type of fog fluid does the low-lying fog machine use? This is an important factor since each type of fluid has its pros and cons.

Water-based fluids tend to evaporate faster, so it’s best for shorter events or parties where a lot of people will be walking around. Oil-based types can last longer, but they’re more expensive than water ones due to this reason. The oil-based fog juice can also leave residue on furniture.

Fog Output Intensity

This refers to how much fog the device produces at maximum output, which you’ll want if there are lots of guests present during your party or event. It helps create a better ambiance overall instead of just looking like regular outdoor air with no effects whatsoever in certain sections.

The higher output means that it will keep the fog concentrated instead of dissipating too quickly, which can make it difficult for people to see.

3 Best Low Lying Fog Machines

Now that you understand how to choose the best low-lying fog machine for your needs let’s review the three best low-lying fog machines. Each product in the list below will have key features, pros, and cons, as well as key benefits.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you should be able to make a more informed decision on which low-lying fog machine is best for you.

Tengchang New 1500W Halloween Fog Machine

Best Overall
Best Overall: Tengchang New 1500W Halloween Fog Machine

The Tengchang New 1500W Halloween Fog Machine makes the top of this list because of its excellent performance. This fog machine can release 18,000 cubic feet of smoke per minute for hours.

That’s pretty impressive compared to other low-lying fog machines available today. On top of that, this model has LED lights with seven different color options built into the design, so you’ll be able to set the mood around your party space perfectly every time.

It also has a remote control, which makes it easy to adjust the fog machine without having to walk over and fiddle with knobs or buttons every time you want to change something. This is especially helpful in large spaces where there might be too many people walking around for them all to gather around one small button on top of the device at once.

The Tengchang New 1500W Halloween Fog Machine heats up within five minutes, making it ready to use as soon as possible. You can use this product indoors or outdoors since its fan noise level is below 50 dB, even on high power mode.

The manufacturer promises that their devices are free from oil leakage issues, meaning they won’t leave any residue behind on your floor or furniture.

The most outstanding thing about this fog machine is that it also comes with a Keychain Remote Controller besides a remote control. This means that you can really control the fog machine from anywhere in your space.

You won’t be limited to moving it up and down or left and right; you’ll have complete control from your spot.

Key Features:

  • Controlled remotely
  • Weighs 44 lbs
  • Heats up quickly
  • Releases up to 18000 cubic ft. of smoke per minute
  • 1500-Watt fog machine, which can release high-quality low-lying fog for hours
  • It has a Keychain Remote Controller

Verdict: Given the capacity of this fog machine, its warm-up time, and the wattage, I think it would be a good choice if your budget allows it.

  • Heats up quickly Remote control
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Continuous fog for hours
  • It comes with light effects
  • Strong materials making it durable
  • Relatively more expensive than other products on this list

Tengchang 1200W Sinking Low Lying Fog Machine

Best Portable
Tengchang 1200W Sinking Low Lying Fog Machine

Tengchang 1200W Sinking Low Lying Fog Machine is another great product from Tengchang. This 1200-Watt fog machine can produce up to 5000 cubic ft. of smoke per minute and is suitable for indoor use only.

Preheating time is just five minutes, meaning you won’t have to wait long before starting your party or event with a great atmosphere.

You’ll be able to set the mood perfectly every time by controlling this machine from anywhere in your space since it has a Remote Controller included as well.

The device also comes with a container holding 0.52 liters of fog juice. The tank itself is removable so that you don’t need to carry around the entire device when refilling its liquid content.

The tank also has a handle included so you can easily transport it. This fog machine has a strong build quality, so it will last for years to come.

 Key Features:

  •  Produces up to 5000 cubic ft. of smoke per minute
  • 1200-Watt fog machine
  • Covers areas of up 100 sq. meters
  • Preheating time: 5 minutes
  • It has a container that holds 0.5 liters of fog juice
  • Weighs 22 lbs

Verdict: While this model is not as powerful as the 1500-watt one, it is still a powerful fog machine. At 5000 cubic ft. of fog per minute, I would recommend it if your budget is a bit lower and you don’t need to cover too large areas with smoke or fog.

  • Rated 1200W, this machine is powerful
  • It comes with light effects for added fun
  • Remote control is included
  • Fairly priced
  • Preheats quickly
  • It's only suitable for indoor use.

TThome Machine DMX 1200V Fog Machine

Best Budget
TThome Machine DMX 1200V Fog Machine

The TThome Machine DMX Fog Machine is the best budget fog machine on this list. It can produce up to 5000 cubic ft of smoke/fog per minute, making it great for covering areas of up to 100 sq. meters easily and quickly.

Preheating time is just five minutes, which means that you can set the mood as soon as your guests arrive. TThome Machine DMX Fog Machine also comes with three control modes: Wireless remote, DMX, and manual.

This fog machine has a tank holding 0.52 liters of liquid and is easily removable, so filling it up won’t be an issue at all since you only need to carry around the smaller tank instead of lugging around its entire device if needed. The handle included in the tank makes carrying it even easier than before.

It weighs just 22 lbs, making it portable and easy to transport from one location to another.

Key Features:

  • 1200W fog machine
  • The tank holds up to 0.5 liters
  • It comes with three control modes: Wireless remote, DMX, and manual
  • Produces 5000 cubic ft. of smoke/fog per minute
  • Covers areas of up to 100 sq. meters
  • Warm-up time is 5 minutes
  • Weighs 22lbs

Verdict: If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable fog low-lying machine, this device is perfect for you.

  • Affordable fog machine
  • It has a lightweight build and is very portable
  • Great for those on a budget
  • Heat up quickly
  • Durable fog machine
  • Uses ice
  • No light effects
  • Suitable for indoor use only

Low-Lying Fog Machine FAQs


Low-lying fog machines are a great choice for those who want to create a specific effect. These machines can be used in theaters and other entertainment venues, but they are also perfect if you just want to have fun with your friends or family at home during Halloween or any other day of the year.

If you are looking to go even further and do a light show it’s best to use a haze machine as they work best with light.

The products listed in this post were carefully selected based on customer reviews and their overall performance. Make sure to read each review carefully before purchasing so that you can choose the best low-lying fog machine for your needs.

Once you purchase your smoke machine, it’s best to know how to clean a low-lying fog machine because if you do it incorrectly, you can ruin it.

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