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  • Date: May 26, 2023
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A fog machine has several uses that many people don’t know. Apart from the common use of producing fog for events, it can be used for disinfection, bug control, and controlling infections, like a humidifier, in filmmaking, among other types. 

Did you know that a fog machine has several other uses apart from being used in events and parties? In this post, we look at 10 types of fog machines that you probably didn’t know.

How is Fog Created by a Fog Machine

A fogging machine creates fogging by applying pressure to a fine mist that is then applied to a specific region. The spray density is often controlled by a manual valve to achieve the best possible result.

Up to 15 cubic meters of fog can be sprayed from a fogger, depending on the model, which is enough to fill a big room. Because of its small particle size, the fine fog has the ability to seep into tight spaces and permeate porous materials.

Now that we know what a fog machine is and how it creates a fog let us look at some of the common uses of a fog machine 

Types of Machines

1. Using a Fogger For Sanitation 

Fog machines use to destroy a wide range of harmful viruses in a short period by employing the proper disinfectant solution. This leaves surfaces clean and safe for human contact after use. 

Foggers can be used to disinfect both interior and exterior spaces. As a sanitizing tool, fogging machines are effective, and as a result of the Coronavirus, pandemics have become very important tools. However, as a disinfectant, ULV lighting has been used the most as of late.

It is important for sanitation to make fog machines as safe to breathe as we can.

2. Using A Fog Machine In The Food Industry

In the food processing business, where sanitizing is critical, fog machines are utilized both indoors and outdoors in a variety of conditions. Chemical fog machines are particularly useful in circumstances where any pollution of the workplace would be extremely costly in terms of both time and money. 

Additionally, a fog machine is essential in sterilizing high-risk food processing rooms where food, whether processed or fresh, is about to be shipped to customers, and where maintaining the highest level of cleanliness is critical.

3. Bug Control Using A Fogger  

Bug control can be accomplished by the use of a propane insect fog machine. Bugs are becoming a bigger concern both indoors and outside, where climate change is resulting in a greater diversity of unwelcome animals. 

Because fog machines produce incredibly minute droplets of concentrated insecticide, they are capable of applying insecticide to ensure complete coverage and effective insect control.

A fogger can be used to control a variety of bugs and is particularly effective against mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, and other insects. They even make them easy to transport, which are referred to as backpack foggers.

4. A Fog Machine Can Be Used To Control Types of Infections

Many hospitals and medical facilities use fog machines for infection control purposes, primarily for disinfection of recyclable medical supplies and as part of a process to sanitize and clean empty wards and rooms after patients have been discharged.

A fogger can be used by medical and hospital cleaning teams as part of their new steps to safeguard the institution, its workers, and its patients. It is suitable for regular use because fogging is a short procedure, and the treated areas and equipment may be put back into use almost immediately.

5. Using A Fog Machine As A Humidifier in A Room

A fogger can also be used for humidifying areas when high humidity is necessary. Spaces such as mining sites, dusty hallways, and dry areas can benefit from humidification from a fog machine.

To use a fog machine as a humidifier, you replace the fog juice with water.  

6. Using A Fog Machine To Deodorise Places 

Fog machines can be used to deodorize regions such as sewage treatment plants or to suppress pollution in industries such as mining in order to prevent air contaminants from entering the atmosphere. In damp places where the existence of mold is expected, a fog machine can be used to destroy and prevent the growth of mold spores.

7. Using A Fogger In Military Training

Realistic military training scenarios require the use of fog and smoke, which are created with a fogger. Combat rehearsals that simulate real-world settings provide vital training for personnel who have not yet been exposed to the horrors of combat.

In a year, the Army spends millions of dollars renovating its training facilities in order to make them more realistic representations of the battlefield. Foggers are used to create the most realistic battlefield simulations possible.

Not to mention it can also be used for fire training to help get the firefighters to use the smoke they will have to deal with in a real fire. If you want to add volume to the smoke to get it even thicker, you can add distilled water to the fog machine.

8. Use Of A Fog Machine In Agriculture

Fog machines have been used in agriculture for quite some time to control and eliminate pests, and they continue to be employed today. 

The agriculture sector incurs enormous losses as a result of insect damage, losses that could be averted if pests were eliminated from the environment. Protecting crops from pests becomes extremely important in the agriculture sector as a result of this.

Using a fogger to control pests, diseases, and microorganisms is often considered to be quite effective. A machine liquid or solution of fertilizer or pesticide is turned into a vapor and then spread into the air using this procedure.

When this vapor is spread in the air, it starts fogging.

This fogging kills bacteria and bugs that come into contact with it before dissipating. For outdoor ranches and farms, the fundamental advantage of fogging machines is that they have a wide range of applications, which makes them very handy.

Indoor and greenhouse farming, where the fogging extends to every nook and cranny, is another application for fog machines. For spraying insecticides and fertilizers, a fog machine is the most effective equipment available.

This is especially true when it comes to covering large farms.

9. Use Of A Fogger In Film Making (Ice Fog)

In the Film industry, fogging machines are used to create the fog that is found in practically every current feature film. Fogging is relatively affordable to make and quickly fills a space with smoke, but not always safe to breathe. Most of the time, they use dry ice fog machines due to the quality of the smoke.

Fog from a fogger remains suspended in one place for an extremely extended period.

One reason why fog is used in movies is that it produces these incredible light streaks. Fogging in movies or theatre generates a space in the air that collects light, which results in a lovely, evocative, smoky atmosphere, as well as creating a space in the air that captures light.

Fog from a fogger is used to create amazing photographs and shot backgrounds in movies  

Since the light must pass through the fogging to reach the sensor, which diffuses the light, it adds depth to photos. The greater the distance traveled by light via diffusion, the more color and sharpness it loses along the way.

This means that the subject will be crisper than the background in the photograph.

10. Using Fog Machines For Décor And Parties 

If you want to generate a mist or fog in the air to enhance any event, such as a Halloween party, you can buy a fog machine. This can also add a spooky vibe to handing out candy each year.

Fogging machines exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they produce varying amounts of fog. 

Naturally, the size of the area you desire to make foggy will determine which fogger is the greatest fit for your requirements. Unlike several other types of technology, fogging is not too sophisticated. 

It’s important to understand that the main function of a fogger is to circulate “fog juice” from a reservoir through a heat exchange, where it is heated and transformed into vapor.

The vapor is then blasted out of the machine through the machine nozzle and into the surrounding environment. You may also wonder if a fog machine can ruin furniture?

Use haze machines if you want the fogging to be low fog and closer to the ground. This method of fogging looks amazing and is preferred. Make sure to use haze machine fluid as it will help the fog produced to be lower to the ground.

11. BONUS! Cold vs. Thermal Fogging

As a bonus, learn all about cold fogging vs. thermal fogging. It’s really interesting!

Final Thoughts

Using a fogger is the only way to create a truly distinctive atmosphere.

Using a fogger for home decorations is a great idea, but you have seen how many other creative applications you can come up with for this extremely adaptable fogging making equipment.

Now you know all about the different things, but the question is still out there. Do fog machines leave a residue?

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