How Much Dry Ice Do I Need For Fog?

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  • Date: May 26, 2023
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You can use a ratio of one pound of dry ice for every gallon of hot water to produce a vast amount of fog in a short period. Alternatively, use ½ a pound of dry ice for every gallon of water to produce a steady fog stream for a long duration. Each method will depend on the result you want.

Have you ever wished you could create a cloud of fog like those you see in movies or theater productions? You can do that with a few items in your home without needing to rent a fog machine.

How Much Dry Ice Do I Need For Vast Amounts of Fog?

If you want to produce dry ice for introducing an act or key speaker to the stage, it needs to be a lot for the best ambiance. You can use the ratio of one pound of dry ice for a pound of hot water. 

You can create a lot of fog by placing 5 pounds of dry ice into 4-5 gallons of hot water, and the effect will last for about 5-10 minutes. It is a perfect idea to introduce someone to give a speech or VIP guest to small functions. 

Ensure that the water is hot or close to the boiling point before inserting a block of dry ice into it for the best results. How water will make the dry ice convert into ice fast, providing a lot of fog in a short period. 

How Much Dry Ice Do I Need For A Steady Amount of Fog?

If you want to have a steady stream of fog for a long duration coming out of your dry ice machine, you need to place 2.5 pounds of dry ice into 4-5 gallons of hot water. You will get a steady stream of dry ice for about 5-10 minutes, and then you can add another 2.5 pounds of dry ice. 

The fog you produce won’t be thick, but it will be a steady stream ideal for parties or Halloween decorations. You can increase the dry ice you use as long as you maintain the ratios stated above. 

How to Make Fog Using Dry Ice

You can create fog at home with a chunk of dry ice and a steady source of warm water to keep the fog going. Dipping dry ice in hot water helps expedite sublimation, and you get your fog in no time. 

It’s imperative to note that dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, and you shouldn’t stay near the source of the fog for too long as the air is toxic. 

You will need:

  • Gloves
  • Hot place
  • A huge pot
  • 5 pounds of dry ice
  • 4-5 Gallons of water 
  • A small fan
  • Cooler 

Collect everything you need beforehand so that you can keep your fog production consistent whenever you need it. For the sake of this example, the ratios are calculated on 5 pounds of dry ice.

Step 1: Set Up Your Production

Set up your production area to make it easy to add dry ice to your pot whenever you notice the fog thinning. Find a suitable place for your hot plate out of heavy foot traffic areas. Choose a pot that can fit 10 gallons of water or more.

A deep pot will ensure that the water doesn’t spill over when you add a block of dry ice into the hot water. Place your dry ice in a cooler and place it near your set-up area. Place your small fan behind the hot plate facing the direction you want the fog to flow.

Step 2: Start the Production

Add water into your pot and turn on the hot plate. The hot plate will keep the water from going cold, which will stop the production of fog. Alternatively, you can switch out the cold water with more hot water every 15 minutes. 

Once the water is hot, insert 2.5 pounds of dry ice with gloved hands and watch the fog roll off the top of the pot. You can opt to drop pieces of dry ice into the pot or drop the whole block into the hot water. Keep the heat at a steady temperature, but avoid bringing the water to a boiling point. 

Step 3: Turn on the Fan

Turn on the fan and direct the fog to wherever you want. Without the assistance of a fan, the fog will flow in the direction of the wind. Ensure you disperse the fog to all the areas you want in the beginning before setting the fan facing one direction.

Therefore, you need to turn the fan in each direction of your entertainment area to cover the floors with fog. It will only take about 2-3 minutes to accomplish that. 

Step 4: Keep the Fog Flowing

Add your remaining block of dry ice to your pot of hot water once you notice that the amount of fog being produced is little. It should take about 10-15 minutes for the fog to stop, depending on the hot water temperature. 

How Much Dry Ice Do I Need for Fog Mass Production?

Since you already have the best production ratios, you can produce as much fog as you want. For example, you can add 25 pounds of dry ice to 25 gallons of water in your Jacuzzi for a backyard party. 

You need to bring the water in your Jacuzzi to the ideal temperature and drop your block of ice inside, and the fog will begin to rise immediately. Don’t let people into your Jacuzzi should you choose to use it for mass fog productions. 

Dry Ice Fog FAQs

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”@id”:””,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How Long Does The Fog Last?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Small quantities of dry ice can produce fog for 5-10 minutes, depending on the hot water temperature. Large quantities of dry ice can last for 30 minutes before you have to add more dry ice.<br><br>You have to keep adding dry ice to the hot water if you want it to last for a long time. “}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why Do I Need Gloves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Dry ice can leave burn-like marks if you touch it with unprotected marks. You need to <a href=\”\”>wear gloves when dealing with dry ice</a> to avoid damaging your skin. Cold-resistant gloves will work fine; there is no need for fancy gloves. “}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Are There Safety Measures I Should Observe When Producing Fog?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”<strong>Yes. </strong><br>- Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide gas, and it is toxic to people when inhaled for prolonged durations. <br>- You should ensure that your fog only covers the floor so that people can breathe fresh air. <br>- Don’t stand next to your production area as you risk inhaling carbon dioxide. <br>- Also, your production area should be far from heavy traffic areas if hosting a party. <br><a href=\”\”>Store the dry</a> ice in a place where it can’t come into contact with unprotected skin. <br>- Ensure your home is well ventilated during the production. Open the windows and doors to ensure a steady flow of clean air.<br><br>For more information, please check <a href=\”\”>are fog machines safe to breathe?</a>”}}]}


You need hot water and dry ice to produce fog for your party or Halloween decorations at home. It doesn’t take much time to set up the whole thing and start producing fog.

There are two ratios to choose from when using dry ice for fog. 

Decide how much fog you want, and it will help you decide which ratio will work best for you. Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries or excessive carbon dioxide inhalation.

If dry ice seems too much work then it’s important to check out fog machines vs dry ice machines.

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