Low Lying Fog Machine vs. Regular Fog Machine: Which is Better 2023?

  • By: Kevin
  • Date: May 26, 2023
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Most people today prefer low-lying fog machines to regular fog machines because they produce fog that doesn’t rise. The thick fog just hovers inches above the ground, so it won’t infringe on your guests’ visibility. However, depending on your event, a regular fog machine can be a perfect choice. 

What are you looking for in a fog machine? If you’re putting on an event, it’s important to know the difference between low-lying fog and regular fog machines.

In this piece, we look at the difference between the two machines. We will also go over why you may want to choose one over the other.

Low Lying Fog Machine vs. Regular Fog Machine

How Does a Low-Lying Fog Machine Work?

A low-lying fog machine works just like a regular fog machine. The only difference is that it can produce low-lying fog, which typically stays about a foot above the ground.

This type of fog does not travel as far as regular smoke and tends to be denser than traditional smoke machines because you’re able to set up your show closer to your audience without affecting their visibility too much.

The fog fluid used in low-lying fog machines is typically water-based, so it will not leave a residue on your dance floor or other surfaces.

Dry ice machines are the best of the low-lying fog machines but are not as easy to maintain and set up.

How Does a Regular Fog Machine Work?

A regular fog machine works by creating smoke and then releasing it into the air. The machine uses a heating element to heat up fluid until it turns into vapor, which is released through an opening at the top of the fog machine.

The fog emitted by a regular fog machine is often less dense than that of a low-lying fog machine. So it will rise and spread throughout the room.

What are the Benefits of Using a Low-Lying Fog Machine?

They produce low-lying fog.

Low-lying fog is nowadays preferred because it doesn’t travel as far as regular smoke, which means that it won’t infringe on your guests’ visibility.

Also, the fact that the fog stays close to the floor means you won’t have any residues left on your walls, curtains, floors, etc. This makes it easier to clean up after your event is done!

They are easier to operate and maintain.

Low-lying fog machines are easier to operate and maintain. You won’t need to worry about them overheating and burning out your fog fluid, which means you’re going to get a longer lifespan from these machines.

Most come with premium features.

Most low-lying fog machines come with premium features such as a built-in timer, an adjustable fluid tank, and more. This allows you to get the most out of your low-lying fog machine.

They are good for adverts, film-making, etc.

Unlike regular fog that spreads all over, low-lying fog allows for adverts, film-making, among other uses that don’t make the fog way above the ground.

What are the Benefits of Using a Regular Fog Machine?

They are often cheaper.

Because these fog machines don’t often have many special features, they tend to be a lot cheaper than low-lying fog machines.

They are good for outdoor use, etc.

Regular fog machines are often more suitable for outdoor events because the smoke doesn’t stay close to the ground.

They are more suitable for disinfecting places.

Because the fog produced by these fog machines rises and spreads, it is better for disinfecting places like hospitals and gyms.

They are good for some effects, such as a smokescreen or fogging up windows to hide objects inside of them. The fog machine can leave residue on furniture depending on the fog juice used.

Which One is Better Low Lying or Regular Fog Machines?

Choosing between the two types of fog machines will depend on various factors, such as the kind of event that you have got.

If, for instance, you are hosting an event where you wouldn’t want your guests to be clouded by smoke, then a low-lying fog machine would probably be more suitable.

A low-lying fog machine would also be better if you want to advertise your brand because it doesn’t spread as much as regular fog.

On the other hand, a regular fog machine would be better if you prefer to smoke to stay above ground level and want something that is more suitable for outdoor events or smoking up windows/places.

A regular fog machine is also better for the disinfection of large rooms/areas because the fog rises and spreads.

Low Lying or Regular Fog FAQs

Final Thoughts

While both regular and low-lying fog machines have their own unique features, most people nowadays prefer low-lying fog machines.

It all comes down to the purpose for which you want a fog machine. For instance, if you don’t want the fog spreading all over, a low-lying fog machine would be better.

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