Where to Place Humidifier for Plants

  • By: Kevin
  • Date: May 26, 2023
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House plants are great. Not only do they add a touch of nature to any room, but they also help clean the air. And one of the best ways to keep your plants healthy is to ensure they have the right humidity level in their environment.

So, where do you place a humidifier for plants?

A plant humidifier should be placed 3-6 feet away from the plants. You want to place the device centrally and not too close to any of the plants. If you place it too close to the plants, there is going to be condensation on the soil and plants, resulting in a potential mold or mildew problem. 

In this post, I will discuss why your indoor plants need a humidifier and the best place to put it in your home. 

Benefits of Using a Humidifier for Plants

There are several benefits of using a humidifier for plants. Here are a few:

Humidity levels fall in winter

Many house plants dry out and die during winter since the air is much drier indoors. Using a humidifier can help your plants survive the winter months.

Low indoor humidity levels

Plants are living things, and just like you are affected by the dry indoor air, so are your plants. By using a humidifier, you can help your plants stay healthy and thrive.

If you live in an apartment or area that doesn’t have a lot of natural humidity, then a humidifier is a necessity for your plants.

Humidifiers help non-succulent plants

Succulent plants are adapted to dry conditions and don’t need as much humidity as other plants. However, if you have non-succulent plants, then a humidifier can help them survive and thrive in your home.

Humidifiers help prevent over-hydration

You can easily over-hydrate your plants with other watering methods. Installing a humidifier can help you maintain the perfect moisture level for your plants without over-watering them.

Tropical plants need are used to high humidity

If you have any tropical plants, you know they need high humidity to survive. A humidifier can help you recreate their natural environment and keep them healthy.

Where to Place Your Humidifier for Plants

Now that you know the benefits of using a humidifier for plants let’s talk about where to place it. Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect location for your humidifier:

Place the humidifier 3-6 feet away from plants

This is the ideal distance because it’s close enough to impact the humidity levels around the plants but not so close that it will cause condensation on the leaves or soil.

You probably have your plants spread out throughout the room, so finding the right sport that is at least 3 feet away from each plant should not be too difficult.

Placing your humidifier too close to the plants can result in condensation on the leaves and soil, which can lead to mold or mildew problems. It can also lead to roots rotting due to over-hydration.

Place the humidifier in a central location

This will help ensure that the humidifier has an impact on the entire room and all of your plants. Choose a central location in the room, away from any windows or doors.

If you have a large room with several plants, you may need to place more than one humidifier in the room to get full coverage.

2-4 feet above the ground

You also want to make sure that the humidifier is at least a few feet off the ground. Placing it too low to the ground can result in water damage if there is a leak.

Also, this elevation ensures that the air circulation in your house helps with the distribution of humidity in the room.

Avoid wooden tables

Since you need elevation, you may be tempted to place the humidifier on a table. However, you should avoid placing it on a wooden table as the humidity can cause the wood to warp or crack over time.

Instead, place it on a ceramic tile or metal surface. You can also use a plant stand to elevate the humidifier and help with the distribution of humidity in the room.

Proximity to other electronics

You also want to be careful not to place the humidifier too close to any other electronics in the room. The humidifier can cause condensation on these electronics, leading to damage.

Keep the humidifier at least a few feet away from televisions, computers, and other electronic devices.

Factors to Consider When Placing Your Plant Humidifier

When choosing the perfect spot for your humidifier, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind:

The size of the room

How big or small the room is will play a role in where you place the humidifier. If, for instance, you have plants in a small room but use a powerful humidifier, you may want to place the device in another room so that the humidity levels don’t get too high.

The number of plants in the room

If you have a lot of plants in one room, then you may need more than one humidifier to get full coverage. Alternatively, you can move some of the plants to another room if the humidity levels are getting too high.

The type of plants you have

The type of plants you have will dictate how much humidity they need. If you have tropical plants, then you will need to maintain higher humidity levels than if you just have a few succulents.

Succulents need humidity levels of between 0-20%, while tropical plants need 60-80% humidity. Most other plants will do well with 30-50% humidity.

The humidifier output rate

How powerful the humidifier is will also play a role in where you place it. A small, personal humidifier may not impact a large room much, but it can easily raise the humidity levels too high in a small space.

A larger, industrial humidifier can easily humidify a large space but may not be necessary for a small room.

Humidifier run time

How often and for how long do you plan on running the humidifier? If you only need it for a short period of time, then you can place it closer to the plants.

If you plan on running it all day or night, then you will want to place it further away from the plants so that they don’t get too much humidity.

Room temperature

The room’s temperature will also play a role in where you place the humidifier. If the room is cold, then the humidifier will need to work harder to raise the humidity levels.

In this case, you may want to place it closer to the plants so that they can benefit from the extra humidity. If the room is already warm, you can place the humidifier away from the plants.

Final Thoughts

Plant humidifiers are a great way to raise the humidity levels in your home and help your plants thrive. Choosing the right spot to place your humidifier is important to get the most benefit from the device.

I hope this article has helped you choose the perfect spot for your humidifier.

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