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  • Date: May 26, 2023
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Unclog your fog machine heater by pouring distilled vinegar and water into an emptied reservoir, then flush. A one-to-one ratio of distilled vinegar and distilled water is ideal for the mixture. To get started, plug the fog machine in and wait for the heating element to warm up. Wait until normal fog flows return before shutting off the machine.

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How to Unclog a Clogged Fog Machine Heater in 5 Easy Steps  

If your fog machine is not producing any fog, the chances are that the fog machine heater is clogged. It is really easy to unclog.

Step 1: Power

The first step is to remove the device from the power source and then drain all of the fog juice from the reservoir.

Step 2: Fill

Fill the reservoir halfway with distilled water. Fill the remaining half of the container with vinegar in the same manner. It is not necessary to start with vinegar and then water.

The vinegar will break down the hardened particles that are blocking up your machine’s intake system.

Step 3: Turn On

Now that you’ve plugged in your electricity, turn on your smoke machine. Wait until the fog begins to appear before shutting off the machine.

Step 4: Clean

Unplug the machine and empty the reservoir of any surplus water-vinegar cleaning solution combination that has been collected. Fill the reservoir halfway with the fog fluid suggested by the manufacturer.

Step 5: Test

Connect the fog machine to the power source and let the heating element warm up. Turn on the machine and let it run until it begins to generate fog.

That’s how to unclog fog or haze machines. Isn’t it straightforward?


1. Never use the fog machine when it is completely depleted since this will cause the pump to fail.

2. Do not use pure vinegar to unclog the machine since this will cause the heating element to be destroyed.

How Can You Prevent A Fog Machine From Clogging?

Types of Fog Fluid To Use

By utilizing high-quality fog juice and cleaning your fog machine on a regular basis, you can keep your fog machine from becoming clogged.

Many fog machine owners have the propensity to assume that low-cost fog juice will suffice in their applications. In spite of the fact that we wish it were true, this is not always the case.

Between low-quality and high-quality juices, there’s a significant variation in taste and texture.

For starters, high-quality juices are often manufactured with ingredients that are safe for use with your fog machine and do not cause it to malfunction. The chemicals they use will not clog your machine if they are handled appropriately.

Make certain that you are using high-quality juice that has been specifically created for your machine in order to avoid the clogging problem in the future. 

When it comes to fog juice, there is a significant difference between high-quality and low-quality products, with the former being appropriately intended to generate thick fog without causing damage to your equipment.

If you replace the juice in the fog tank and still discover that your fog production is inadequate, it is most likely due to a clogged fogging machine.

Consequently, understanding how to unclog a fog machine will be a crucial component of the cleaning process and a useful skill to have on hand at all times.

Furthermore, high-quality fog juice just seems to be more appealing! You’ll notice that the fog is considerably deeper, thicker, and more atmospheric.

A high-quality fog juice produces an impact that is far better than that of a low-cost brand.

How to Maintain Your Fog Machine

A fog machine is comparable to any other piece of equipment in that it requires regular maintenance in order to function at top performance. To your advantage, maintaining a fog machine is a basic process, and you’ll be up and running with your machine in fine operating condition in minutes. 

This set of instructions should generally be relevant to the vast majority of water-based fog machines now on the market; nevertheless, you should always consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to operate your unit.

Before Storing, Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Prior to putting your fog machine away for the winter, it is also recommended that you thoroughly clean the machine. 

If you know when you won’t be using your fog machine for a lengthy period of time, you can prepare appropriately and save yourself some time and money. As a result, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly clean it.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Fog Machine?

Assume that your fog machine is not cleaned on a regular basis. In such a situation, performance and output will deteriorate as the nozzle narrows and distorts as a result of the fog machine residue, especially if the machine has been kept for an extended period of time without being properly cleaned. 

Cleaner for fog machines is quite similar to fuel injector cleaner for automobiles in that it ensures that the nozzles are sparkling clean in order for fluid to flow easily and freely. After cleaning the fog machine, it is always good to run it for 5 minutes.

If Your Fog Machine Is Used Often, How Often Should It Be Cleaned?

Generally speaking, you should clean your fog machine after it has been in operation for 72 hours. Overrunning the machine for a few hours will not be an issue, but the longer you leave it running without cleaning, the greater the chance of real damage to the nozzle as a result of the overheating.

Please keep in mind that a fog machine should never be put away right away once it has been cleaned. Whenever possible, fill the machine with Fog Fluid and run it for a few minutes to create fog before putting it away.

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Working of the Fog Machine

It is always advisable to examine the manufacturer’s guide before doing any kind of cleaning to confirm that your machine is compatible with the approach you are using.

In some circumstances, the use of certain chemicals or goods may result in the guarantee being nullified. Therefore you must be aware of what is and is not authorized before beginning work. 

Some equipment, for example, may be found to be in violation of the warranty simply because the user has put homemade fog juice into the machine.

When properly maintained, fog machines don’t need a lot of cleaning on a regular basis, and it’s usually recommended that you only undertake a thorough clean like this once or twice a year. External maintenance, keeping the hose clean, and using the right fog fluid should help to avoid the need for in-depth cleaning procedures in the first place.

Final Remarks 

To unclog a fog machine heater is a simple process that requires only water and vinegar. Be careful, however, not to use a strong concentration of vinegar as this might cause more problems.

Remember, the ratio of the vinegar-water mixture is 1:1. 

Also, you can avoid the clogging issue by observing simple maintenance and cleaning practices mentioned in this article. Above all, remember to use machine-specific high-quality fog fluid as specified by the manufacturer. Avoid DIY fog fluids.

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