Renting a Fog Machine – Is It Worth It?

  • By: Kevin
  • Date: May 26, 2023
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If you are interested in throwing a massive party, you may want to add some flair. One of the best ways to change the atmosphere is by adding cool visuals like fog.

In this article, we will give you all the tips you need to decide if renting a fog machine is the right thing for you.

When getting a rental, most of the time, you will get an ideal machine as these are usually the more expensive fog machines. This is perfect for special effects for any party, especially if it’s a one-off event. A rental is also important if you are new to fog machines and want to see what they are like before you purchase your own.

Why Rent a Smoke Machine

Smoke machines can be expensive units when adding special effects. The larger the space you have, the more and possibly bigger fog machines you will need.

If you do need to create a lot of fog on site and it’s only for one night, then a rental is perfect for your venue.

There are many foggers on the market to choose from. If you plan to use the fogger more than once and you have a smaller space, then I would recommend just purchasing the smoke machine.

We have already done lots of reviews on the best fog machines.

Quick Tip: When renting you are most likely renting a very high end fog machine. As long as the company you are renting from is reputuable you shouldn’t have any issues with the machine.

Features of Foggers to Look For

If you plan to rent the machines, make sure you get one that has a high output if the space is large, like a movie theater or dance studio, for example. You will also need to add fog juice to the order, as this is the gasoline of the fogger.

The fog fluid simply pours into the tank, fill it up so you will have the best output, and you won’t have to stop to add more later on. If you do decide on a rental, most of these are higher-end machines.

Here are a few things you should look for:

  • Tank Capacity
  • Speed
  • Heating Time
  • Output
  • Lights
  • DMX Control

Foggers have many applications. For the most part, just finding a spot on the floor in the corner for the fogger will add some nice smooth smoke to give off amazing special effects.

Reasons to Rent

Unless you are paying a good amount, the smoke machines will need to heat up often. this will slow down smoke output, and the effects can suffer. A lot of time, the fogger will blow smoke for 40 seconds and then stop for the heating component to warm back up.

Then depending on the tank capacity, the fog juice will be sprayed onto the heating component, which is then turned into particles, pushed through the smoke machine’s nozzle then we have fog.

When getting a great rental, like the name-brand Chauvet, you will be able to utilize it for all the great features. Turn it on and enjoy the special effects.

Haze Machine Rentals

There are also other rentals like haze machines. This machine will create a very light and airy fog that hangs in the air for a long time. This is when you want to have some crazy light shows and don’t want to have thick fog.

These machines are amazing, but they are very expensive, and because of this, a haze machine is great to rent. Again, Chauvet makes great haze machines.

You will see these often at concerts. You can turn these on, and the light fog can stay in the air for several hours, so you won’t have to have it running as often as a fogger.

If you decide you would rather purchase one, we have a list of the best haze machines.

How the Rental Process Works

Choose a company to rent a fog machine through. Most of the time, you pay per day, and the shipping fee is usually included. Do check, though, with their terms and agreements.

You will still need to purchase fog fluid for the machine to run. Most sites should try to upsell you this when going through checkout. As long as the price is similar to other areas, I would just get it through them as they know best what fog juice works with that machine.

Once you receive it, take it out of the box and test it out before the event. Suppose you can let it run for at least 20 minutes to know what to expect.

These machines should come with a remote, don’t lose it, or things can get more difficult (How to use a fog machine without a remote).

Then you will be all set, use the machine for the event and ship it back at your earliest convenience. Most companies will provide return labels, and you can use the same box you received it in.

The sooner you get the fogger heading back to them, the more money you will save, don’t forget to send the remote.


Fog is a desired special effect for many different occasions. That’s why we recommend renting smoke machines if it’s your first time.

See if it’s for you, and if so, you will have an educated choice on which ones to purchase since you have already tried some out. This helps a lot as you will see what features you like and which other features you will desire.

Good luck with your fog adventures!

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