Haze Machine vs. Fog Machine (Smoke Machines)

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  • Date: May 26, 2023
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Not many people know the difference between a fog machine and a haze machine.

A fog machine produces a thick, dense cloud of smoke that can be used for special effects or as part of an atmospheric show. Fog machines are used for creating impressive visual effects. Most have remote controls for controlling the amount of fog generated and the duration. Haze machines are more versatile because they produce less intense smoke, creating moods without being too imposing on your guests. The haze machine is used for atmosphere enhancement.

There is a lot more to know about fog and haze machines. Let’s dive in!

What Do Fog Machines (Smoke Machines) Use?

The fog can be made from water or glycol, which both have different properties. The glycol option is better when creating a dense or more transparent fog, while the water alternative doesn’t provide as thick of a smoke cloud.

Glycol is denser than water, so it will stay close to the ground while evaporating quickly. Water, on the other hand, will evaporate more quickly. Read more about adding water to fog fluid here.

When using glycol, make sure you don’t use too much because it can cause breathing problems, especially in people with existing breathing problems such as asthma.

Water-based fog creates more of a misty effect but leaves behind moisture on surfaces like walls and floors. Water-based fog machines usually come with an atomizer that uses compressed air to send droplets into the atmosphere, where they condense together into low-lying clouds.

You can even purchase low-lying fog machines that are created to keep the fog very low so it won’t rise.

The drawback is that it only lasts up to five minutes before dissipating, so these tanks need regular refilling if you want your event’s moods enhanced throughout its duration. Other liquids commonly used in smoke machines include mineral oil, glycerin, and propylene glycol.

What Do Haze Machines Use?

The haze machine can be water-based or oil-based. The water-based option is less expensive and more versatile because it can be used for indoor or outdoor events.

The downside of this type is that the haze or the fine mist-produced machine doesn’t linger in the air for a long time.

Oil-based haze machines produce a thicker haze that can cling to surfaces as it dissipates, making it excellent for creating moods in large spaces such as ballrooms or concert halls. This option is more expensive but will last longer without the need for refilling during your event duration.

Why Use A Fog Machine? Fog in The Air!

Smoke machines are great for shows, spooky events, concerts, and parties. They create a very impressive visual effect that can easily help set the tone of your event.

A fogger is also useful for theatrical productions like plays or movies where you want the audience’s attention on one particular area of the stage.

These machines are also used for haunted houses, Halloween attractions, long shoots where extras need to be added for scenes like war movies. They can create a mysterious, spooky atmosphere in any room or area. If you want a more eerie effect, consider using the machine with strobe lights.

These machines are relatively cheap, and you can find one that will fit your budget.

Why Use A Haze Machine? Low Fog on The Ground!

Haze machines are best for occasions like weddings, parties, and concerts where you want to add an air of mystery or create the perfect mood by adding a haze without anyone noticing. Haze machines are versatile and can create the mood you’re looking for depending on your event’s theme or setting.

They provide more of an atmospheric effect than fog, so they’re perfect if you want people to feel relaxed but energized at the same time. A haze machine will create a subtle haze that will linger in the air for hours.

The haze produced will emphasize the effects of the lighting in your concert or party so your guests can see patterns and rays they wouldn’t normally see.

The haze machine will add an extra element of fun to any party or concert you’re hosting. They can be used indoors or outdoors, which makes them versatile and convenient for your event.

The haze or fine mist created by a haze machine is non-toxic, so it’s safe around children and pets. If you want to create a mood that lasts for hours, think about using an oil-based haze machine.

It creates thicker and denser haze than other machines, so it lasts longer without the need for refilling during your event duration. This is great if you’re hosting a concert or party with many people in attendance who will be there for hours.

If you’re looking for more of an atmospheric type effect, consider using a water-based haze machine because it produces less dense mist than oil-based machines and will evaporate quickly.

Smoke or Haze?

For most, smoke will be what you are looking for as the machines create a nice effect of fog that comes up from the ground and goes into the air. This will be for most people. Now the main difference between smoke vs haze is that the hazers create an amazing fogging effect that amplifies the lighting of many audio DJ systems.

The light bounces around with the haze cloud and looks amazing. That is why they are used in concerts or anywhere laser light shows are held.

Can You Use a Fog Fluid In A Haze Machine?

Yes. Fog fluid can be used in a haze machine to produce the desired effect you’re looking for. However, it is important to note that fog fluid has a thicker consistency compared to haze fluid.

Therefore, this can increase the risk of damaging your haze machine, e.g., by clogging it. Also, fog fluid is usually more expensive than haze fluid.

Can You Use a Fog Machine To Produce Haze?

While a fogger machine is not designed to produce haze, you can try creating a haze out of the fog in various ways. For instance, you could put a fan at the fog outlet to scatter the fog and create more of a haze-like effect.

You can also try using a smoke machine at the fog outlet.

Can I Use Oil-Based Fluid in My Water-Based Haze Machine?

Yes, you can use oil-based fluids in your water-based haze machines. Be careful not to mix them up, though, because this could cause damage or other problems for the machine and thus adversely affect its performance on the event day.

If you are concerned about whether an oil-based fluid will work well with your water-based haze machine, contact customer service so they can help you choose what type is best for your situation. This way, if any issues arise during setup or during an event (like it’s too thick), we’ll be able to remedy that before it becomes a problem.

Are There Any Health Risks Of Using A Haze Machine?

While there is no sufficient evidence for the long-term health effects of using a haze machine, it is important to note that all machines should come with safety guidelines and instructions.

Note that depending on various factors such as the haze liquid used and ventilation, the haze produced may cause breathing issues for people with pre-existing breathing problems such as asthma. Therefore, you need to be careful if you have breathing problems.

Since haze machines produce mist or haze, it is important to ensure that there’s enough ventilation in your space so you don’t have any breathing problems from using a haze machine indoors.

Cleaning Fog and Haze Machines

There is a bit of difference when cleaning these machines. When cleaning a fog machine, it will have to be done more frequently. This will help the fogger to continue to work for a long time.

When cleaning a haze machine, it doesn’t have to be done as often if you are using water-based fluids. It’s best to monitor both of these machines, and if the output of smoke slows down, this is a sign it’s time to clean them.


Fog and haze machines are great for creating a mood and atmosphere that will last throughout your event. If you’re hosting an outdoor concert or party, consider using a haze machine to enhance the lighting effects so your guests can see things they would not be able to otherwise.

If you want thick fog that lasts longer, go with an oil-based fluid in one of these machines. If you want a lighter and less dense effect, go with water-based haze fluid in your machine.

Fog fluids are thicker than haze fluids, so it is important to consider the various factors before buying fog or haze fluid for your party’s needs. Next, find out if fog machines are safe to breathe.

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